Web & Interface Design

Professional Website Design/Redesign, Development & Website Maintenance

Elegant simplicity, functional usability and innovative new media digital designs are just a few of the phrases that describe our creative teams work. Our award- winning designers are all professionals at the top of their trade and specialize in bold interactive designs with an emphasis on brand awareness, end user friendliness and embedded marketing enhancements

Our creative design process begins with clarification and research Clarify
Understanding your business and your brand is the critical first step. We work with you to clearly understand your immediate needs and long-term goals. We research your industry thoroughly and learn as much about it as possible.

What will the solution be? Who will use it and how? What will it do? How will it work? What will it look like? How can we integrate your brand? Once we agree on project objectives, we define the functional, technical, and creative requirements.

Once structural basics are in place, we complete information, interaction, and interface design. We develop content and refine the technology architecture. The process is iterative.  We document specifications and design layout and work with you to refine them.

Proto Type
Only after completing the previous stages of our design process do we now build demos or prototype to test our concept. Generally AMG will provide 2-3 proto type design mockups for our clients review. Upon client approval of a design layout we begin the application and module development stage.

Functional elegant design is the cornerstone of our creative process.

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