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Dear Business Owners, CEO’s & Marketing Executives…

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the latest research: Over 90% of companies who should be using social media to grow their businesses… Are Not.

Not because they don’t want to… or think they don’t need to…

It’s because they simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to do it right – Where it actually works to enhance their company brand and increase sales.

And that’s a real shame.

According to leading social media analytics and software firm Sprout Social, 74% of buying decisions today are based on what customers read on social media.

Whether it’s checking out a company’s Facebook page… finding new content on YouTube or Instagram… taking advantage of a special offer on Twitter… or looking at reviews on Yelp…

HERE’S The Truth:

Customers are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished social media presence than ones that don’t.This is a proven fact!

So, for companies who do not have a cohesive social media plan, strategy and presence…It’s a mistake that could be costing them tens of thousands… hundreds of thousands… even millions of dollars in new sales every year.

Ken Cavalier, Founder/President
Allure Media Group

Meet the founder of Allure Media Group and the

Hi – My name is Ken Cavalier, the founder and president of Allure Media Group and newly formed  Back in 2006, while running and operating an extremely successful web design & development firm for business & industry since 1996 (ten years before the onset of social media) I started getting deeply involved in this fascinating new online publishing medium. All the trends and stats suggested to me that it was going to be a huge advantage for business branding and promotion. 


Today in 2019, the amazing impact of Social Media is immeasurable; especially for the betterment of business. Most companies may have some sort of social media presence, at least a Facebook page and Twitter feed, but using them effectively is another matter indeed. Most business owners and large corporations do not have the time or knowledge to do so, nor do they realize or even understand the extraordinarily positive effect it will have on their company’s marketing initiatives. They would prefer to outsource this specialty expertise to an expert – and rightfully so. We also provide expert social media consulting services for companies that prefer to keep their social media management in-house. We will fully train a business owner or staff member on every aspect of management and marketing of your firm’s social media properties. 

Do you wonder why your company needs to establish and manage a strong social media presence?

The statistics are staggering

Did You Know ……

Facebook: 1.71 billion Users
YouTube:1 billion Users
Instagram: 600 million
Twitter: 328 million
LinkedIn: 106 million

This is one of the main reasonswhyI organized the knowledge I had acquired over the past 15 years and decided to put it to good work for my fellow business owners, current web clients, and associates by adding social media solutions to my list of digital design and marketing services.  I put together a group of social media experts, unprecedented in their field, and added this group – to my base company, Allure Media Group.

When it comes to social media, as the founder of The Allure Media Group, and, I believe I can honestly say I am one of the true pioneers.Two years after Twitter opened its doors on March 21, 2006 — I was there.A little while after Facebook began in February 2004 — I was working on establishing myself as a social-media management &marketing pro.

As for Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and countless other social platforms — I was there very close to the start… learning through trial and error how to get amazing results for my company, my firm’s web clients, and business & industry in general, on a long list of social media platforms.

That’s enough about me…. Simply Put; If you allow me to prove exactly what my group of experts can do to create an unrivaled social media presence for your company, and professionally manage and curate it, Contact Me Today for a FREE Consultation. You won’t be sorry you did.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your company’s social media campaign.

Best regards,

Ken Cavalier
President & Founder

a part of Allure Media Group

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Facebook:  Account and Page Setup, Design or Redesign Your Professional Page,  Writing Engaging Social Media Oriented Copy, Administrating Your Account – Managing, and Marketing, Engage and Response.  Full Service Curation!

Writing Engaging Social Media Copy & Content

Creating and Maintaining an Effective Company Twitter Feed…

Creating and Maintaining an Effective Company Linked-in Page…

Engaging customers on sites like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and others…

How We Make Social Media Work for Your Business…

Since very close to the inception of Social Media sites online, Allure Media Group has become the premier authority and expert in creating social media strategies and plans for business that will ultimately increase company visibility, brand awareness, increased sales and ROI, and establish loyalty by engaging current and prospective clients and customers online.

Now with the addition of its subsidiary SOCIALMEDIAPROS.US, we have implemented a dedicated group of social media professionals all ready and anxious to create and manage your company’s social media presence, and elevate it to unparalleled heights. No Joke!

We know first-hand the impact an excellent social media presence can have…

  • On bringing in new prospects…
  • Increasing sales and ROI…
  • Helping followers get the information they need…
  • Building brand loyalty…
  • Creating deeper relationships with current & prospective clients…

The “2 Monsters” of Social Media

The first thing any company needs — whether it’s the local store selling specialty coffee or a company the size of IBM — is a Facebook page.

A Facebook page is another way for businesses to “connect” with customers… let them know what’s happening in their business… share information on new products, special deals, sales… any information they might find useful, interesting, or valuable.

In other words, it’s a place to engage customers on a more personal level than more traditional advertising.

That’s why companies will ask you to “follow” them… “Like” their page… or “comment” on a post. It’s an invitation for the business to send you information and updates through newsfeeds — and, as a fan, they can then forward their offers and deals to your friends and associates.

Here’s a post from IBM’s Facebook page: a picture and a link to an article on a “day in the life” of company CMO Michelle Peluso.

Is it “vital” information? Will it result in a direct sale somehow?

Probably Not…

But it’s a great way to connect on a deeper, more personal level with executives and decision makers who either are, or one day may become, customers of IBM.

Any “fan” of IBM might be interested… and they might share the post with other business friends and associates.

You see the same strategy at work on the Facebook page of a much smaller company, Clive Coffee.

This post features a chance to win a free book that coffee enthusiasts would enjoy.Again, it’s a way to engage existing and potential customers alike, so fans will understand that Clive Coffee cares about them.

And if you could scroll down, you’d see article after useful article on new products, coffee machine maintenance, latte “art,” and more — all meant to deepen the relationship between Clive Coffee and their followers.

  • Because of how engaging this information is, coffee lovers are more likely to see Clive Coffee as a “trusted expert”…
  • And they’re more likely to become customers of Clive Coffee than a coffee company they have no relationship with.
  • But, of course, Facebook only works when there’s new and interesting content posted regularly. That’s part of what we do at
  • We work with our clients, deciding what new content to add every few days… responding to customer comments… adding new pictures… coming up new promotions, fun contests, and more.
  • It’s known in social media circles as “Account Management and Curation” where we check in on the client’s Facebook Page and all other online social properties that we are managing for clients on a regular basis… dream up, locate, and post relevant content… engage readers… lend a distinct “voice” to the site… and monitor activity. We create the personal and comfortable environment necessary to engage and cultivate potential customers and clients.
  • Same idea with another social media platform every company should be on: Twitter

  • Twitter is another, more proactive way for businesses to stay engaged with their clients and customers.
  • Twitter users are very often active buyers, checking their mobile devices frequently, looking for what’s new.
  • According to Twitter’s own statistics, 74% of Twitter users will follow a business they like just to learn about new products and promotions.
  • So, in the same way celebrities keep in touch with their fans… politicians talk to their constituents… sports teams and figures engage with their fans…
  • Businesses can reach their customers with new messages in real-time.
  • Whether it’s a flash sale… a new product… a special contest — Twitter is the best way to get that message across in an instant.

  • But it can’t all be about selling…
  • The key to a successful Twitter relationship — and any social media platform relationship, for that matter — is “equal doses” of selling and useful content…
  • Content that helps establish your company as The Expert in your field.
  • But keeping up on Twitter takes time — time a lot of small- to medium-sized business owners don’t have.
  • It takes a great deal of knowledge, too. Knowledge a lot of busy company owners don’t have the time to acquire.
  • Again, SocialMediaPros comes to the rescue.

SO… What Do We Do for Your Business Social Media?

  • Posting on your social platforms including reviews and interviews.
  • Design, redesign and develop your Facebook and Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, presence if you don’t have one yet. This includes other social media sites of your choice.
  • Engagement with current & potential customers to build a strong social following.
  • Track certain media to respond to comments, messages and posts.
  • Connect with industry related pages and users to promote increased visibility.
  • Provide analytics to track your company’s social media performance

Social Media Consulting:  If you are a large firm or corporation, or simply just prefer to manage your company’s own social media – we can still help.  We will train you or a staff member to handle all of your company’s social media needs in a concise, professional and effective manner.Our consulting service is second -to-none. We cover every aspect of successful social media management and marketing. Essentially, you or your staff member may become a virtual expert in social media for business.  Careful – After we train them we may want to hire them ourselves. 

What Will the Result Be?

  • Create visibility, awareness and brand loyalty
  • Increase traffic to your company website
  • Engage your customers and followers
  • Connect with companies and other brands
  • Help generate the marketing buzz you need
  • Enhance industry relationships
  • Increase sales, revenue and ROI

And a lot more than increased Facebooks Likes, Twitter followers, and YouTube views.  They are all part of social media marketing (SMM). Not only does our network of social media administrators and marketers increase your likes, followers, and views, they employ many other creative and innovative social media marketing techniques and concepts that will digitally brand your company and accelerate it to the forefront of your particular industry.

So, it boggles my mind when I read that so many companies don’t use social media — either at all or as effectively as they should. 

What is the Solution?

You need a trusted go-to source that your business can turn to for planning and executing a professional and highly effective social media strategy… We’ll take care of it all “Account Management and Curation” by allows you to save an enormous amount of time, ditch the learning curve and have a worry-free and beautifully designed social media presence created by social media professionals that will actually work. 

“Social Account Management and Curation

Choose Full Service Curation or Go Ala Carte’

Contact us today for a FREE Social Media Consultation.  We’ll discuss the optimal strategy and plan that’s appropriate for your company and determine where to go from there.

Receive a treasure-trove of valuable Social Media Tips for Business – ALL FREE!

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We Will Not Sell your email!