If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words than what is a 4-6 minute functional multimedia presentation worth?

Adding rich multimedia presentations to your company’s sales tools is fast becoming a practical business standard. It facilitates the presentation and makes it exciting. The printed page can give your clients and customers a lot of information about your products and services but a rich media sales presentation carries the impact that just can’t be found in traditional printed sales presentations.

Using motion, graphical elements, animation, audio and video to more effectively deliver sales, instructional, or marketing messages allows firms to differentiate themselves from competitors and deliver information with impact. Multimedia presentations are an excellent way to motivate, inform, and captivate a wide range of audiences via PC, laptop, plasma screen, or kiosk delivered via CD-Rom or Internet.

Our multimedia designers help you tell your company’s story in a bold and innovative new way…

  • Object-Oriented Multimedia Models
  • Interactive CD Sales presentations
  • ECatalog CD Presentations
  • Product Launches
  • Web Site Video and Flash Tutorials (Interactive illustrative presentations)
  • Video Production /Training Modules
  • Digital Photography / Imaging (product and content photography)
  • Virtual Demos/DVD Authorizing (DVD, Beta SP, VHS)
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