Internet Marketing

AMG’s Internet Marketing Experts work with companies to help identify, measure, and improve the effectiveness of their company’s Internet Marketing & Website promotion strategies along with digital & traditional marketing initiatives. AMG utilizes advanced web design and promotion techniques such as rich media, web application & interactive development, and digital marketing elements that enhance and optimize our client’s websites and maximizes the online marketing effort.  
Although AMG excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, this alone will not maximize your company’s Internet presence.  Other strategies such as branding, link popularity, interactivity, digital newsletter production, email marketing campaigns, and many other techniques are employed by AMG website promotion experts.

We believe the success of interactive Internet Marketing lies in an active relationship between the target audience and the communicating object.

Some Internet Marketing Strategies Employed:

  • Brand Development & Awareness Strategies 
  • eMail and Strategic Link Campaigns
  • Interactive Corporate Newsletter
  • Digital – Interactive Rich Media
  • Application modules for collecting marketing data
  • Expert SEO Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Digital Public Relations / PR 
  • PID/SEO- Promotion Integrated Design
  • Frequent Re-Design Initiatives (Site updates promote Google ranking)

Here’s What You’ll Gain:

  • Increased market share and target audience reach
  • Improved Search Engine-Googleranking and resource discovery
  • Increased conversion rate, resulting in increased revenue
  • Brand awareness & and client loyalty
  • Ability to easily measure the impact and result of the efforts
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