Today’s companies are faced with many obstacles when it comes to E-Commerce: shrinking of traditional business and product life cycles causing greater competition; an increasingly scarce high-tech labor pool; significant capital investment; and the need for constant innovation. These factors must be dealt with even before you start your E-Commerce initiative – the task can be daunting. ALLURE MEDIA GROUP has the resources, tools, proven processes, and expertise required to design, manage and grow your E-Commerce business.

Similar development processes pertain to both business-to-consumer and business-to-business ecommerce catalogs. At AMG,eCommerce projects begin with a complete understanding of your target market and their procurement process. A detailed product and customer analysis is performed, enabling our developers to create a product map of the website flow to illustrate paths through selling and buying process. All information is gathered through our unique process and highly interactive JADS (Joint Application Development Session.) Once this process is completed, the development initiative, moving forward, should be seamless.

When the project nears the completion stage, AMG will provide documentation and training in the use of the content management tools developed.

Some offerings employed:

  • eCatalog, shopping cart
  • Legacy Systems Integration
  • Product Search Features
  • Database Integration
  • Real Time Credit Card Processing
  • Merchant Account
  • Administrative Control Interface
  • Real Time Inventory management
  • Customer Relationship Management

AMG has spent years developing eCommerce solutions and processes. Our offerings will ensure real business results and increase in your return on investment.