Digital Branding

All too often, companies think of branding in terms of logo, color schemes and typography. AMG defines digital branding as the user’s experience when interacting with a company online.

We believe the success of digital branding lies in an active relationship between the target audience and the communicating object.

Some Digital Branding Strategies Employed:

  • Brand Development & Awareness Strategies 
  • eMail and Strategic Link Campaigns
  • Interactive Corporate Newsletter
  • Digital – Interactive Rich Media
  • Application modules for collecting marketing data
  • Expert SEO Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • Digital Public Relations / PR
  • PID/SEO- Promotion Integrated Design
  • Frequent Re-Design Initiatives (Site updates promote Google ranking)

Here’s What You’ll Gain:

  • Increased market share and target audience reach
  • Improved Search Engine-Googleranking and resource discovery
  • Increased conversion rate, resulting in increased revenue
  • Brand awareness & and client loyalty
  • Ability to easily measure the impact and result of the efforts