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We provide a wide range of professional digital media web services  and solutions which include creative – engaging website design, interactive SEO and Internet Marketing , SSM – Social Media Design & Marketing, Digital Branding, and  highly measurable online media & public relations.

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A Leading Provider of Value-Added Creative Design, Technology, and Internet Marketing Solutions

Professional Website Design and Redesign, Development & Website Maintenance. Elegant simplicity, functional usability and innovative new media digital designs are just a few of the phrases that describe our creative teams work. Our award-winning designers…

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Today’s companies are faced with many obstacles when it comes to E-Commerce: shrinking of traditional business and product lifecycles causing greater competition; an increasingly scarce high-tech labor pool; significant capital investment; and the need for constant innovation.

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Search Engine Optimization, Interactive Marketing Digital Branding, Website Promotion. AMG’s Internet Marketing Experts work with companies to help identify, measure, and improve the effectiveness of their company’s Internet Marketing& Website promotion.

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We provide Headache-Free maintenance for your current company website.  Plans include one-time maintenance events or as needed.  If you require frequent updates, or website changes, we provide affordable monthly maintenance plans. SocialMediaPlans: You no longer have to be concerned about keeping your…

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All too often, companies think of branding in terms of logo, color schemes and typography. AMG defines digital branding as the user’s experience when interacting with a company online. We believe the success of digital branding lies in an active relationship between the target audience and the communicating object…

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If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words than what is a 4-6 minute functional multimedia presentation worth? Adding rich multimedia presentations to your company’s sales tools is fast becoming a practical business standard. It facilitates the presentation and makes it exciting. The printed page can give your clients…

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Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, and more. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you surely know the importance of Social Media Promotion in business in today’snew media world.Professional social media design, marketing, and promotion is a crucial element of all the promotional efforts for your company. It’s only one part, but a huge part.

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Digital PR & Media Relations, Press Releases, Rep. Mngmt. Keeping your company in the news and getting the word out on new events, products or services is essential to succeeding in today’s business environment. We engage professional public relations experts with over 30 years of experience to design, copy- write, and distribute your company’s latest news…

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Logo Development, Digital Brochure Design, Corporate Identity. Our award winning graphics design team and marketing strategists put an emphasis on creativity, elegant simplicity and bold new designs with impact. We deliver your company’s marketing message in an innovative and striking format that sells. We research your industry, and accentuate your brand identity…

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