What will the solution be?

Our Methodology

Understanding your business and your brand is the critical first step.

The AMG Process


Understanding your business and your brand is the critical first step. We work with you to clearly understand your immediate needs and long-term goals, the competitive landscape, and your operating and technical environments. We agree on your business objectives and create a strategic plan of action. We also establish project scope, budget, and a preliminary work plan.


What will the solution be? Who will use it and how? What will it do? How will it work? What will it look like? Once we agree on project objectives, we define the functional, technical, and creative requirements. We document them and work with you to refine them. We also build a demo or prototype to test our concept.


Once structural basics are in place, we complete information, interaction, and interface design. We develop content and refine the technology architecture. The process is iterative, and facilitated by our project extranet. The result is a working prototype of the deliverable, ready for usability testing and refinement.


We now build the final product. If required, we integrate the solution with your existing systems. We test and quality assure the deliverable and make sure you understand how to manage and maintain it if necessary.

At AMG, Process is Everything.

Our Strategy

  • Constant communication
  • Frequent client approval points
  • Content and functionality driven design
  • Think of yourself as the user
  • Assume nothing
  • Never guess
  • Develop in phases
  • Test, test, then test again

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of all web-related development efforts fail to meet or exceed the expectations of the client. The most commonly cited reason for failure is a faulty process. It is because of this that AMG has spent countless hours developing, refining and implementing a process based on the above core principles.

At ALLURE MEDIA GROUP, process is everything. Stressing constant communication, the activities and associated deliverables associated with the AMG process are designed to achieve the highest possible levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

J.A.D. (Joint Application Development) Session

J.A.D. Session

A J.A.D. (Joint Application Development) Session is the foundation of the AMG process. This highly interactive activity typically covers areas such as general business, user and third party information, goals and objectives, branding, creative and technical requirements, content, functionality and development schedule.

Once the J.A.D. Session has been completed, AMG will design, for the client’s review, a flow-chart/product map for your project, based on the information obtained during the JAD session. We will layout the entire architecture and project flow. This will act as a guide for the development process and simply put, will result in a smooth and seamless procedure by which we will follow. Your approval of this procedure will be required, further establishing communication and agreement of the product architecture so there are virtually no misunderstanding.

Meet Our Team

Guys who get your work done
Katy Perry
UI Designer

Our most fascinating and amazing UI Designer. she has been with us since the start of the company.

UX Developer

Jack is such an amzing software developer and comes with an amazing set of hacking skills.

Lead Developer

Bruce leads the team and is one of the most brutal and instinctive person in the office.

Jessica Jones

Jessica is the official photographer of our team and is really great at stock photos.


“I’m thrilled to be working with Ken and Allure Media Entertainment. He has facilitated multiple reviews and interviews. His work has me all over Google. I definitely made the right choice”

Jiggley Jones
Jiggley Jones

“Ken gave us the personal touch and was always available when we needed him. He personally represented us at important shows and record label auditions. He is also a good friend.”

Adam Burke
Adam Burke

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